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What gear to buy for Hot Weather / Rain ?

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I'm sure this has been discussed before, but please follow me.

The weather in most of Nicaragua is about 80F-95F all year round. Some dry heat, mostly humid.

I bought a First Gear Kenya jacket, and it was waterproof. It was unusable, so hot.

So, I starting buying gear to improve Safety and then Comfort:

- Firstgear Kenya: waterproof. So hot, you end up as wet from your own sweat.

- Joe Rocket mesh jacket: looks good, lots of air. I don't think it offers any protection.

- Xelement Black Mesh: looks awesome, lots of air. I don't think it offers any protection.

- BMW Kushitani Leather jacket vented: awesome looks and fit. It's vented, so not so hot if you're moving. Very hot if not moving. Great protection.

- Dainese Alien Estivo (perforated): Incredible look and even better feel. This thing is beyond awesome. It doesn't get smelly, it fits and makes you feel awesome. Same as the BMW jacket, as long as you are moving it's ok. Very hot if not moving. Incredible levels of protection. Elbows and shoulder CE rated protectors, back rigid G2 protector, chest wave G2 protector.

- Dainese Delta Pro EVO Estivo pants: I didn't need this. Don't know what I was thinking. I don't race at the track...

- Dainese Alien Pants: awesome fit and feel. Kinda looks funny to most people. Not vented, so it's somewhat hot. Some air flows. Great protection.

- Dainese Wave Jacket: basically an armored shirt (lots of armor, it looks awesome), but you can't wear it as is. The elastic mesh will disintegrate if it touches the ground. Needs a jacket on top. Very cumbersome... maybe good for Enduro...

- Fieldsheer Mercury 2.0 pants: initially good. Started to fall apart almost immediately. Junk quality. Very slippery on the saddle, you end up sliding and feeling every mile. Ok protection.

So, the rainy season it's about to start.

The rain is ok, but it's not a great feeling to be soaked.

The dilemma here is, none of the above gear is made for the rain. The mesh jackets it's what I use when it rains, but I don't feel protected and I end up wet.

If I buy some D-Dry, or GoreTex suit, I'm afraid I will end up cooking ... guess I rather be wet.

Since that GS is almost part of my garage... I want to do some fireroads on it.

Any recommendations on:

- Protection, Waterproof, Ventilation

I was thinking Air Tourer L-ST Jacket, and Drake Air Textile Pants,

no waterproof capability... but cool.

Or the Dainese Teren D-Dry... very expensive though..

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