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More than a year ago

hi new on here but own a 1994 xv750 Yamaha virago was wondering if I could put the bigger 1100 engine in please
Has anybody else noticed that Yamaha have reduced the size of their oil filter for the FJR, obviously same diameter but about 40mm shorter?
hi all was wondering if any one could help me out i have a yamaha zeal and i want to unrestrict it if any one knows how any little tricks to gain more power would be appreciated...
I have a 1996 Yamaha warrior that needs a air box. I was wondering if a 2001 yamaha warrior air box will fit? Or where can I find/get and air box that fits?
This is my first quad. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on what brand of oil i should use that is best for cold weather. Thank you
I have gas leaking from overflow hose on bottom of carb.checked the screw and it is tight.would that mean float is sticking?
as any one high bared there r1 if so is it better whats the pros and cons or is it a bad idea to do it
Well here it is as it was delivered just before thanksgiving, this is one of several that will be redone for 2013 race season
Hi all and hello I have a 225 xt and it is leaking petrol out of the bottom of the carb and the over flow pipe can any one tell me how to fix this Thanks
Is graves and BAZZAR servo Exup eliminator will work with 2009 yamaha r1 ? I see only for r1 2002-2008. Please help.
I have a 1989 Yamaha warrior it will not start by the electric start but the when i bump start it it runs great..... the starter works it will role it over but will not let it ...
Hi, i have a 2001 Yamaha Warrior 350 and i was wondering if i got the RCM 2 SLIP-ON EXHAUST would i need to re-jet the quad or notThanks
hi guys just got a yamaha lanza 225cc ! the bike needs a new piston and rings . Cant find anything for a lanza 225 is a dt 230 the same thing ?
I have a 2008 yamaha r6 and want to trade for red fairings anyone interested? I'm located in Sacramento.
have a yamaha yt125j. it has the solid reed valve and stop, the parts number shows the split reed. is this interchangeable with my cage?, or does anyone have the part number for...
I have a Yamaha big bear 400 2x4 2000.put a snorkel on it.ran good for a while then made loud backfire splitting the weld on starts up ok but runs rough and shuts of...
I recently picked up a 1977 Yamaha XS360 and I can't get a spark on it. It has a. Brand new battery and all the connections are good. It has a points ignition system which I'm q...
My friend is building a monster.Yamaha , 700cc, 2 stroke, 3 cylinders, 150hp, all in a homemade chassis.
Hay guys I have a yamaha blaster 200 and I'm not able to locate the vin number I have looked around the left foot area on the frame but still am not able to find it does anyone ...
I purchased a pair of star Yamaha oval ball milled mirrors , but they didn't come with adapters . Which adapter do I use ?
On a Yamaha YZF600R (mine is 1998), when the low-oil light comes up, about how much oil will bring the level to normal? the sight-glass isn't easy to see at the best of times, y...
Can someone please help me with YAMAHA FJR 1300 for 2013. REAR HUGGER Where do I buy from And how do I install Thank you Sandeep
Does anyone know where I can find a black sissy bar with a pad besides the one yamaha sells on their website??
Josh Herrin just retweeted that Josh Hayes is flying to Motegi for some R1 testing, potentially for a Yamaha re-entry in 2014. I sure hope so!
MODS- I'm not quite sure where to put this but are there ANY forum sponsors of vendors that accept yamaha coupons???? I have 2 coupons for $50 off of any $200 purchase and I'd l...
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