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More than a year ago

Nice video on the design and manufacturing of the new vespa. And the official promo video.
Found what seems to be a good deal on an 09 Vespa LX 150. Was going to pick it up for my wife. Anyone here have any experience with this scoot? Your thoughts on it?
The new Vespa Sprint will be unveiled in Rome tomorrow! It is a sporty take on the Primevera and has 12" wheels (nice!). A couple of shots while waiting:
Hi there, just had a look at U Tube Vespa scooters on the Eernzberg 2012 +2013 enduro.Their absolute nuts.
Hi guys,Any of you run a GTS 300?Any experiences of them would be gratefully received.Thanks in advance.
Scooters, just how low can one go?World's LOWEST VESPA SCOOTER YouTube 0.56 sec
Has anyone who bought a Vespa been able to get a bit of a deal on it? That would exclude deals on leftover models (e.g., getting a deal on a 2014 when we are about to be in 2015...
Last week there was a small Vespa exhibit at the local mall. Although it's not quite my thing, some friends enjoy them. There were a few over 60 year old scoots there. My...
I want a Vespa GTS Super (body and engine) with a Vespa S instrument cluster and headlight (I love the square headlight) and Vespa 946 wheels. In yellow. Is that too much to ask?
Looks like the Paris-Dakar for Vespa's.Check out the knobbly tyres. Would love to give something like this a shot Looks like good fun
Hmmmmm... Still two wheels, I guess.
Does anyone have a link to or other information for Marcello Dibrogni's Vespa from the Trans Anatolia Rally Raid? I would sure like to see what preparations & upgrades were done...
Piaggio will try and raise money against AIDS with the help of Bill Gates and his foundation.I like the 946 in red.
I am considering a 09 Vespa GTS 250si for short rides to complement my Gold Wing. The GTS has a top box, less than 2000 miles, price $3,000. Opinions, please. The last Ve...
A scooter group I'm apart of had a shine and show today and guess what rolled up.... a Vespa 946!!! It was purchased from Vespa Dallas and said to be the first to a consumer in ...
I just saw this video posted over in /r/motorcycles. I find it hilarious... Of course, those Vespas can be made to haul ass... and the Vespa rider was probably a local th...
No idea what their saying but check out the builds, their not pretty but their pretty cool. Uplpoader is indonesian so i assme the programme is too.
Vespa's new small frame commuter reviving the Sprint name THE RETURN OF THE LEGENDARY "VESPINO"The brand new Sprint is the most sporty and dynamic Ve...
I would like know if anyone has/is running a car tire on a modern Vespa. I have a GTS 250 and want to know what size car tire would work best. I have over 50,000 miles with car ...
Vespa India is introducing 2 new Vespas closely based on the Sprint and the Primevera. Some of the specs differ though.SLX 150 VLX 150 Both versions also com...
I'm new to this forum but I knew you guys / gals would appreciate this. A good friend of mine is on a one year quest of Europe on an Beemer F800GS. He kept running into this g...
with a flair for fashion and a deep wallet:
Also, some Kymco and modern Vespa.You can see the whole album here: Contact me for prices and questions. Thanks!

More than a month ago

Vespa unveiled 2 new colors for the Primavera to celebrate its 50th anniversary.Gloss blue (not sure about the Italian name)And matte brown (really matte brown?)
Hi all,I had a Zuma 125, but found it a little too small in frame and engine for my needs. I am looking at Vespa's now. I like the style of them. Particularly the GT/GTS ...
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