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I am often carrying a second wheelset in the trailer or back of the truck when traveling to events. These wheels often have discs on them, so I usually have to come up with some...

2 days ago

I’m trying out my iPad Air as a GPS but running into problems.I’ve tried 4 different apps ( co pilot,,Motion x and pocket earth) and with all of them it’s showing off t...
I run the Street Fighter class at New England Dragway. I usually run my Sportster in this class. I broke the trans Saturday during test and tune.This bike is bone stock with...

3 days ago

Very 'newbie' question, when putting a destination address into my Nuvi 660, is there anyway of bypassing the 'street and post code' input ? If I know which town I want to visit...
I'm trying to decide what tire to try next. Trackday only, so no contingency to hope for! I've been quite happy with Pirelli Superbike SC3 but have a bug to try something new. ...
i have swedish topo maps friluftskartan V5 in basecamp and on my 276CXi would like to extract the built in POI and select all the road barriers, enlarge the icon 2 or 3 times ...
How do you delete the next (upcoming) waypoint in a route while you are riding in the event you can't get to the waypoint because of a road closure or something?I can do thi...

4 days ago

Hello folks,My wife and I are planning to start in Moab and take the trail west to the pacific, doing it end of Sept ot start of Oct. this year.Does anyone have a recommen...
Well while everyone has been Knocking the top off it over in the moto gp thread Assen has snuck up on us and is racind tnite our time so who you got for the minor placings. ...

7 days ago

Injured Camier to miss Assen WSBK round

8 days ago

I been playing around with osmand distance measure gadget, is it accurate? and am i using it right, i just add a "check point" on the map and where ever i move it measures the...
Roberts, America’s lone ranger in MotoGP, rides into town for COTA race

9 days ago

Hey Folks!Would appreciate some help.Have an 02 1150GS and wiring in a nav 5/6 and as you see by picture, there is a black, purple and red wire. Spoke to folks at my BMW s...
This name has been appearing in the news of late, and so I had to google him...those pictures had me chuckling, but in a good way! He's an original, 100%! That's great, and alon...
Sad news Ivan died today 78, and probably the best all time speedway rider ever, great guy, his nick name was Sprout, he won 6 world championships, a true champion. RIP Ivan.

10 days ago

Fun watching these kids race around. Maybe a smaller track and more development on the r3 and ninjas and the racing will be ...

12 days ago

The last couple days I have been trying to use Google MyMaps to plan my trip down Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway. God forbid you don't want the fastest, straightest "A to ...

13 days ago

Hi,Going on a RTW trip in 6 weeks or so and I'm planning on using my BMW Nav 6 for that. I bought it with the bike and coming from the TomTom world it took a bit of adjustin...
Edited for improved readability....I just changed the oil on my Sherco 2017 Factory aluminum-stanchion-tubes 39mm Formula Tech Forks. The oil inside was with the original f...
FORMERLY THE ORANGE SHERCO THREADMy eyes can't take the white framed Sherco factory,so my next bike may be orange. It will fit in well with my KTMs..........
So most of my riding when I started riding was riding SBK bikes on the track.After a few large crashes that stopped for a while, and I thought it is time to get back on the tr...

14 days ago

Delivery, zumo 396 announcement em...
Hallelujah! I thought BaseCamp was being allowed to die, especially with the lackluster information posted in their own GarminForums , but an email from Garmin dated 10 April 2...
Upcoming event is forecast in the 20s when I'd be headed up there and my little trailer is open. For folks that have dealt with this, do any track-legal additives protect well e...
Two-Time AMA Superbike Champion Wes Cooley To Appear At Season-Opener At Road Atlanta
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