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Looking at options for using this "Phablet" as a replacement for my old Galaxy. Did a lot of homework on this China-sourced device, and it appears to only have the complete FDD...
Will be a great year and Drag Cars and bikes setting new records in speed. Plan to get there one day and talk to drivers and take pictures again this year. How about any of you ?

2 days ago

Well, once again the clock is running down towards the M1K. I am once again entered in the 50+ class along with a co-rider this time around. (Wish they had a 60+ class.)Anyo...
e fastest bike racers in the world will be thoughtful/concerned/content as 2018 MotoGP pre-season tests continue in the coming weeks and in the build-up to the first Grand Prix ...

3 days ago

Hi AllWhere might I find some parts for an MD road book holder that I am trying to fix up. Since they are not being made anymore it looks like a challenge to find any spare ...
I wanna do a 1275 build with this and be Competitive again wasn?t quite sure what people are running these days? Here?s what I got to start withSent from my iPhone using...

4 days ago

I'm hoping to make it to COTA this year for the MotoGP. This will be my first time there. If I make it, I will only be there for the race, not practice or qualifying. In what ...

5 days ago

Nachtflug had mentioned this a few weeks ago in the Supercross thread and, because it was nearby and involved beer, I had to go.I admit that I don’t know who’s who and when ...
Long-time active motorcycle club. AMA vintage racing, June 15 & 16I cannot wait to see some Bultaco Astros geting slideways aga...
as team owner in Australia Australian Mat Mladin, the seven-time AMA Superbike Champion and all-t...
IndyCar confirms Dixon to test aeroscreen at Phoenix Might have saved Christiano ...
Trying to de-clutter the map (CN NA NT 2019.1) in Basecamp. I want to see the names of cities, towns, and villages, but have not found any reason to show township names. The ...
I am looking to get a Kyocera Duraforce Pro, so i can make it work like a GPS using Locus.I see there may be different version out there... manufactured for different carriers...
Garmin seems to have made little mistake and revealed some information on a new Zumo 660! Earlier they had a banner on this page, but it only worked for some people, for me it ...

8 days ago

My old Triumph 650 has set a number of LSR records, time for something else... I'm considering a Sportster in modified production class...I'm thinking not a rubber mount cha...
I-BMW, having been conceived in the East, has encouraged the conception of many Eastern USA rallies. Which of the many rallies east of the Mississippi is best, and why??

9 days ago

The Stumpjumpers Desert 100 is one of the biggest off-road motorcycle races in the world, held every spring for the past 47 years in the desert of Eastern Washington. Saturd...

11 days ago

Great article here:- It seems every rule has a loop-hole to be exploited
Downloaded the Southern California map to my iPad wirelessly using FileApp, but I can’t find a way to view the maps. Anybody?

14 days ago

Hello,I recently switched to Basecamp on MAC - and I notice significant difference between windows and mac version when comes to check the GPX files:MacOS: Windows:...

16 days ago

I am sure it has been done before but I have just put together a series of 5 youtube video Episodes for a bunch of mates on how I use Garmin's Basecamp program for planning and ...

18 days ago

I'm giving the Hellas Rally a go this year for my first real Navigational Rally. I have a bike and service / support all sorted but am a little unsure if I should enter the Rall...

20 days ago

Dry Lake Racers Australia, will be at Lake Gairdner March 12th - 16th. World speed trials for motorcycles only will be 17th & 18th. Link to some records.

21 days ago

Girls & Gents,The TomTom Rider 4** GPS is increasing in popularity; but online support is not yet that widely available as with Garmin, outside the Dutch language.There fo...
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