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More than a month ago

Hey thunderbuddies, who has the Yamaha hot grips fitted? Exactly which bit has to be trimmed in order for a good fit? Who's fitted any photos?
Just bought a Yamaha XSR700 '70th Anniversary Edition',stolen/recovered,so,what route to go on the restyle? Flat tracker or RD/RZ/TZ style,hmmnn?
I have a 2007 Yamaha FJR1300 that I am parting out after my buddy crashed it. I would like to keep the top box and mount it on my Blackbird. Does anyone know if there is a rac...

More than a year ago

Bit of a long shot but has anyone had any dealings with the Yamaha dealer in Girona ?? Sent them a couple of emails and tried phoning them, all I get on the phone is a message.....
Does anyone know how to adjust the throttle play on a Yamaha SMAX? There's nothing in the owner's manual.
I have a Yamaha big bear 400 2x4 2000.put a snorkel on it.ran good for a while then made loud backfire splitting the weld on starts up ok but runs rough and shuts of...
Anyone have any experience with the oem Yamaha tank pads for the S10. Those Gripsters look nice but are considerably more $$Thx,Ride safe
Hi - I have just bought a Yamaha xt 350 1987 mod. I need to find two side panels . Does anybody have an idea where I can find these? I have tried ebay ...
Love it!
I recently picked up a 1977 Yamaha XS360 and I can't get a spark on it. It has a. Brand new battery and all the connections are good. It has a points ignition system which I'm q...
Sounds like there will be a ton of custom parts options from Yamaha for this bie, as well as the XSR-700. Probably alot of aftermarket too.Coming to the USA?
I have a 2009 yamaha roadstar for sale, 9960 miles, I bought it brand new, dont have time to ride so I will let someone else enjoy it.
Does anyone know where the go to place is for the yamaha windscreen. I have just recently entered the motorcycle world so I am not to knowledgeable on the best places to shop, ...
I have a 1989 Yamaha warrior it will not start by the electric start but the when i bump start it it runs great..... the starter works it will role it over but will not let it ...
Spent 45 minutes on hold before a real live person actually answered the phone at Yamaha customer service 800 number. Who can beat my time?
I'm looking to buy a 1981-1983 yamaha xj 550 or a suzuki gs 550 and I'd like to know if either of these bikes have any known issues that I should look out for?
Anyone know Chorley Yamaha ? Friend of mine is looking for a GSA and they have one a 2008 model, anyone no them and if they are good honest folk, he lives in Bognor so a lo...
Stuck this in few places but anyone know Chorley Yamaha ? Friend of mine is looking for a GSA and they have one a 2008 model, anyone no them and if they are good honest fo...
My friend is building a monster.Yamaha , 700cc, 2 stroke, 3 cylinders, 150hp, all in a homemade chassis.
I am kinda interested in the yamaha factory front cowl/windshield.My dealer wants full retail but i am wondering who has the best price online? Thanks!!
If you have few minutes to kill today, give some feedback. Design Café
Anyone in the U.S. bought or sold a 92-93 Yamaha TDM 850 recently? I can across one in my travels in good condition but have no idea about asking price. Would appreciate any i...
Hay guys I have a yamaha blaster 200 and I'm not able to locate the vin number I have looked around the left foot area on the frame but still am not able to find it does anyone ...
I purchased a pair of star Yamaha oval ball milled mirrors , but they didn't come with adapters . Which adapter do I use ?
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