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Decided to purchase the EJK controller from Dobeck Performance. My question to all of you is what no d of tune should you run if you have all custom made parts. As in exhaust an...

2 days ago

Does anyone know of any waterproof saddlebags that will work on our SMax. If they lock it would be a bonus. I already am set up with a Shad back case and love it.

3 days ago

This article comes from * * * Yamaha Motor Europe has begun its teaser campaign for what we expect to be a new adventure bike in the company’s lineup. ...
So I posted in a few other threads to get some opinions on getting all the ground clearance I can find for the corners, because I am taking it to a trackday tomorrow. This is t...

5 days ago

I finally figured out how to post a topic. It only took me a year lol. Anyways, I recently just cut down my rear fender and frame support. I planned on cutting the rear fender s...

6 days ago

I want to start off by saying, I love this forum. You guys are great. Very informative. Makes me even happier that I fell in love with the Stryker at first sight. OK now her...

7 days ago

I would like to show you all my work and get some feedback. I bave worked on cars most of my life but have really started to like working on bikes. I hope i can learn more on he...

8 days ago

Great to be part of forum of Stryker owners. I purchased a used 2014 Stryker with 450 miles on it. Engine still has to break in so it'll be tough but I'll try to be careful an...
Hi, I'm having trouble figuring out how to adjust mirrors and don't want to snap anything. i just purchased a used stryker so not sure if somethings could be stuck. I in...

10 days ago

It looks like this may become a reality. It could be pretty interesting!
Just ordered the Rush Racing Exhaust for under $300! There's 2 left if anyone is interested. Here's the link.

11 days ago

Did some electrical work on my bike and blew the fuse (not my fault, I swear). Finding a replacement has been an absolute nightmare. From what I can tell, it's 20 amps and 1" in...
Found a great deal on these pirelli 240s. I looked at the reviews and all of them seems to be on sport bikes. Ha...
I am late posting this and did not find a thread about this. Heading on a 3 day trip tomorrow with a buddy. First long one for both of us. - Tunes- ipod and Sena 10S - 10 ...

12 days ago

This article comes from * * * Yamaha Motor has cause for celebration…just not in the United States, as the Tuning Fork brand posted a 6.6% increase in ...
This article comes from * * * Yamaha confirmed today its rider line-up for 2018, with Alex Lowes re-signed to the Japanese manufacturer. Despite having...

13 days ago

Hey guys first thread for me. Just traded in my ZX6R last week for a 2012 stryker, loving it so far and pretty impressed with the performance. Anyway, I plan on doing a trackd...

14 days ago

I picked this bike up last month and I'm having hell getting the carb tuned right. It came with a 210 main and 25 pilot. After doing some research it looks like most parts manua...
Hello and thanks for reading. I'm a current Versys 650 owner looking to upgrade. Love my Versys (what a bike for the money!), but, while many of its problems are readily fixa...
I wanted a drivers backrest and some storage. I started with a Nelson-Rigg CL-2020 tank bag. I then purchased 2 3 inch door hinges and 2 heavy-duty 5 inch doorstops at the lo...

15 days ago

We are planning a ride on the 17th of August. 64 to 421 through Greensboro. Message me or post here if you wanna join up.
Just bought a Yamaha XSR700 '70th Anniversary Edition',stolen/recovered,so,what route to go on the restyle? Flat tracker or RD/RZ/TZ style,hmmnn?
Hi guys. For personal reasons, I'm thinking about leaving my country (France) to seek a better life elsewhere (maybe Canada, as part of my family lived there for a long time,...

16 days ago

Hey guys first post here. Just got my 2012 stryker and loving it. I do a lot of highway riding on my commute (50 miles each way) and am considering getting the stock bullet co...
Hi all, i'm getting real close to buying a stryker (the green one). I currently ride an 86 interceptor 500. being 5'8" I fear that the bike might be too big for me, although sit...
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