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After getting the engine back in and taking it for a test ride, I find that it cuts out just after taking off. Like 50% power. Is there any sort of safety limiter or anythin...

2 days ago

I recently purchased a SXV 550 and the bike was running great the day I bought it! However, when I got on the motorcycle for a ride today, the bike started to make an odd chirpi...
This thing is pretty darn close, IMO! What do you guys think? You won't be catching me trading up my RSV4 any time soon, but they do sound pretty killer. https://www.youtu...
I was wondering what part number i need for a tie rod? I got a white one from af1 but the headlight will not fit in. The one on my 08 will fit on the 06. Have i mounted the ...

3 days ago

Guys can any of you answer this question. I have a 2017 RSVrr and I am looking at the two options for ECU. The Corsa which is race/track or the Aprilia race ecu that supports sp...

4 days ago

Looking to take my first venture into the world of Aprilia and have seen an advert for a 2006 APRILIA RSV 1000 R FACTORY with 20k miles. Before I go and see it I would like t...
I've a 2004 500, and the seat badly needs re-upholstery. I got two quotes, between $400 and $500. Does anyone know of a less expensive way to go? A simple seat cover? (which I h...

5 days ago

Started lurking this this forum a few weeks back as I searched for another Italian mistress. I found one and she was delivered to the house tonight. She is a 2013 model in the M...
Engine not starting or cutting out, lights being funky, anything? Im curious how these bikes hold up in the wet weather, as it will be in my future for sure. Thanks! Jon
I am new to this forum and I am not sure if I am posting in the correct area or not, so please bear with me. I recently came across a 2007 Aprilia SXV 550 for $5200. I have been...
Ive recently torn down my engine, all the way to splitting the cases and replacing the bearings. Now that I'm getting to the point of setting / installing the valve shims, is th...
This article comes from * * * Aprilia has today confirmed another of the worst-kept secrets in the paddock, announcing that they have signed Scott Redd...

7 days ago

My sprag has jammed onto the gear, cant see any visible signs of why! Has anyone an idea of how to separate and why this could of happened!?

8 days ago

Got my first ride in today with the new exhaust system and Allen Noland supplied mapping Ran beautifully. Much better in every aspect. 1 kick starting all day. Huge chee...
I have all the linkage bearings wanting a change and was wondering if anyone knows the sizes? I have a skf dealer in town but for tomorrow i swapped the linkages between my two ...

9 days ago . Its a Dutch artikel. Hope you can read it. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G389F met Tapatalk

10 days ago

Just installed Arrow twin exhaust system. Are there different number plates to fit this system?, or do you just shape the originals with a heat gun or something?
I think i remember hearing of someone called ricks and they repair burned starters. someone chime in and let me know who and how much they charge. I was also wondering if they l...

11 days ago

Managed to get hold of acheap yam starter, replaced the end cap and was hard ro start so i assume ive put it on the wrong way! Which is the correct procedure?
Hi there! I've programmed my bike -'08 with dual map switch and full Akra- with Tuneboy, map #14023. Having seen in a recent Allan post there is a 14038 map and after ...
I think my bum dyno is telling me i am getting more punch from the VDB map than Alice map. Has anyone dyno'd their bikes using the different maps on the same day and can ...
So today, I went to put my Scarabeo 500 GT ABS up on the central stand, and the step gave up, bent broke. Good thing it has the kick stand. Before I go looking for what seems ...

12 days ago

Hi - New to this forum and new to Aprilia. I was lucky enough to have a good friend give me his 2008 Sportcity 250 as he no longer uses it. Both headlight bulbs are burned out ...

13 days ago

Hi everyone, I have a VDB Shock i would like to get refreshed. Can anyone tell me where to send it? (UK if possible). Thanks
Hello! I'm going to be trading for a 2007 SXV 550 Supermoto. Are there any problems I should look for off the bat? I know the 2007's have an assortment of problems that were fix...
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