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2 days ago

Not good news here: The Motorcycle Aftermarket Group (MAG) is not a name that motorcycle enthusiasts are usually familiar with, but the family of brands that the company owns...

4 days ago

Hello all! Just a quick shout out first to say thanks for all the advice I've received from this awesome community. I'll be lurking during this winter. I'm seriously deba...
Even with heat shields, the heat from my V H big radius pipes is ridiculous. Thinking about having the pipes ceramic coated over the winter to reduce the heat. I dont like the ...

5 days ago

Wishful thinking......this fabulous unicorn was seen at the Long Beach IMS show this weekend. Built by fabricator extraordinaire Michael Utt. Who works for Kenny Roberts. No, yo...
Any one who replaced the stocks with braided or aftermarket does it use the reflector mounting? have any pics?

9 days ago

This article comes from * * * It is good to be Valentino Rossi. Not only do you have nine world championships to your name, legions of yellow-crazy fan...
i have not seen anyone post a poll on the rear tyres/tires so lets find out once n for all whats the best rear tyre in 240 if i have missed one that is mainly used plea...
I think its the end of the road for these great bikes. Yamaha's 2018 lineup doesn't show the Raider or the Stryker. How do you guys feel about that.

10 days ago

I've been looking for some time now at doing an Ecuador fly & rent trip using Ecuador based as the tour company. My interest is in a self tour only, p...
This article comes from * * * Let’s just say that Yamaha’s concepts are a bit…ambitious. Take the Yamaha 07GEN concept, for example – a three-wheeler f...

13 days ago

So I'm new to Strykers(and cruisers for that matter), and my local Indian dealer has a 2012 Stryker with 9,xxx miles and Cobra exhaust for $4,495. Here's the link: https://...

14 days ago

Hi all. I've just ordered a set of bars and am looking at risers like the ones pictured. They're straight off ebay. I believe a lot of people have used these. Can anyone tell me...

15 days ago

This article comes from * * * In a sign of how difficult Yamaha’s 2017 season has been, they have a busy testing schedule ahead of them in the next few...

16 days ago

This article comes from * * * The Yamaha FZ-09…pardon us…the Yamaha MT-09 is a top-seller for the Japanese brand, mixing a solid motorcycle, with decen...

17 days ago

Did a search and there is already a thread for the R3 emphasizing the performance potential/capabilities/evolution of the R3. That is great, but I am approaching the R3 from ano...
This article comes from * * * Last year, we were teased with the Yamaha T7 concept, a bike we expected to become a 700cc Yamaha Ténéré adventure machin...
This article comes from * * * We have already seen the Yamaha Niken at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Tuning Fork brand putting a name to its leaning three-...

22 days ago

ran across this low and mean scoop on ebay and thought i would pass it along. Good price for it.

23 days ago

Hey folks! I'm relatively new here. I got a 2017 Stryker in June and I keep adding things to it, so wanted to post some comments on that here. First thing I added was ...

24 days ago

Hi Gang!! Pulled the trigger and bought a Stryker last Saturday...I'm a very happy rider!! I've been on two wheels for 15+ years now, doubt I'll ever go back to bein...

25 days ago

I searched but couldn't find a thread on this.. If it exists pardon me.. Anybody else ...

28 days ago

Hi. I am back. Do any of you have difficulty starting the engine in cold weather? I am getting a code: 12. This just started happening. Thank you!!
Not getting enough attention? Buy one of these next year. A sneak peak into Yamaha R & D.

29 days ago

Hello fellow adventurers. I know there are dozens of compare threads out there and everyone says something differently. I couldn't find a thread about these two bikes being c...

More than a month ago

Those crazy kids at Yamaha have released a weird looking three wheeler... What do you reckon?!
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