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21 days ago

So after we picked up what little was left to pick up after the Grand PRE we headed down in uncertain weather for Weston. Took the convertible as I still don't think that I c...

22 days ago

Hey everyone! Been a while since posting on here. Just wanted to spread the word for my two local tracks. Maybe someone is looking for a destination on a weekend ride to spec...

24 days ago

MM has one hell of a record here, but Rossi is coming off a race win, and oh yeah, Dovi in the points lead! Rossi says he will decide next year if he will renew his contrac...
That's something I never looked for, never thought of, but now that I read about it I wonder why it hasn't been done before. I remember reading about the 6D forks and wondering ...

25 days ago

New asphalt: 20 minutes of extra practice at the Sachsenring

26 days ago

KTM 1290Rs 1st...2nd and 4th and breaking the out right hill climb time. Best naked on the market. enjoy the sound of the big torquey twin....
Probably pissing into the wind with this but since their is a wealth of knowledge on this site I thought I would take a punt.. So a bit of history from what I can gather, C...

28 days ago
It does not appear my 2014 Beta Evo 300 4T has a fuse. None is mentioned in the owner manual, none is shown in the schematic (even for the homologated version), and I can't find...

29 days ago

Found this open port/nipple on my 09 Sherco 290 carb. Should there be a hose attached to this or is it just a vent?
I think an iPhone would be better than the Navigator. Why has no one created a "case" for the iphone that mounts straight into the computer ready bracket and use the wonderwhee...

More than a month ago

9 or 10 years ago I was lucky enough o be invited on a trip out to Unidallia NY to watch the nationals. I just went along with whatever the veterans were doing. Now, I want ...
first glimpse offered to the public. 110 lbs, real transmission and clutch.
can't use my garmin 550 1. i can't scroll or zoom on the screen with an accuracy or reliability. is this normal? is there a way to clean it? is the screen trashed and needs t...
YCRS is coming for full day and evening classes. Most here probably already know but it's a fun and very informative thing.
Hopefully someone can talk me out of setting this thing on fire and rolling it off a cliff..... So I picked up this bike several weeks ago (from a board member). Not in the b...
HSBK just posted an image on Insta of what looks like a RSV4 with a SBK spec swingarm saying "your aprilia just showed up." Might this be a personal bike or is that awful BMW fi...
From Reuters: Harley-Davidson enters race to buy Italian rival Ducati - sources Reuters10:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time Jun 21, 2017 By Pamela Barbaglia LONDON, June 21 (Reu...
Does anyone have a link or a file that contains all of Colorado's mountain passes? I've done a couple of Google searches, and there seems to be a few people who have put toge...
I have a 2005 SV650 that has what is believed to be a "track only" aftermarket pipe. It is far too loud for me and I am looking to switch back to a stock exhaust (or something q...
Hi Someone could recommend which offset to use the kit comes with offset from 25 to 31. Enviado desde mi SM-N920G mediante Tapatalk
I am pretty novice when it comes to base camp. I have read through a lot of threads, google searches etc. I am sure I have already read what I need to know, but maybe I did no...
I've been looking for a Trials bike for a few months. A few Scorpas have slipped through my fingers, but not much else out there. I recently found an 09 Sherco 290 that's with...
Anything in particular to be wary of with an aircooled Beta Alp ? Not sure of the year. Thinking of it as a second bike.
Raga, Busto, Bou are the podium. Provisional results had Busto, Raga, Bou, so not sure what happened? Click the Andorra link on top bar...
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