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17 days ago

The Rhode Island Trials Club (RITC) has just added an extra day to better accommodate riders coming from the Ohio National. Gates will now open Wednesday 6-21-17 (8:00 am) f...
I wanted to see what you guys thought about fuel. I am sure it has been discussed before, but I did not find much. I live far out in the country, closest motorsports shop is ...
In keeping with the spirit of panty-bunching... Did you hear the one about the Ohlins dealer who was charged for tax fraud? Well, its not ...

18 days ago

I'm still deployed so I have heaps of time to wonder about such things. So I've only raced in Track mode (Corse ECU), and I'm very very strong on the brakes, a credit to the bi...
My rear suspension started making a little squeaking... So, I was thinking of taking the shock off and tearing apart the "dog bones" to re-grease them. My bike is a 2017 Sherco...
Simple thread premise. In your opinion, using your own personal criteria, who is the most underrated and who is the most overrated active rider? Disclaimer: All of these g...
Did you know? #ItalianWorldSBK in Numbers
VIR Here We Come Round three of the MotoAmerica Series is this weekend in Virginia COSTA MESA, CA (May 8, 2017) – Two things have become abundantly clear after just two ro...
So this maybe be a weird one... I'm planning a big trip from Moscow, Russia through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Mongolia and more Russia. The route ...
hey guys Im currently using google earth to plan a trip and was curious what is the best way to back track on a track?

19 days ago

The world’s most popular motorcycle racing series is adding an all-electric class. Carmelo Ezpeleta, the CEO of the company that oversees the MotoGP racing series, told Motorspo...

20 days ago

Anyone have the data sheets for this test? Is it even available from MotoGP? Please post if possible. Thanks
My bike is a 2009 GG 280 TXT. It's new to me. Starts fine in the back yard, 3 or 4 kicks hot or cold. However at the trials school in Rhode Island couple weeks ago I had a he...
Helped a fellow with a problematic Keihin an the last event. We got it jetted spot on, then any kind of movement of the bike would cause the bike to go blubbery and rich. Also...
Just curious if there are any people that ride trials in central to northern Minnesota? Would love to have some more experience guys to ride with to help me learn. Since getting...

21 days ago

I need transport for a trials bike from New Mexico to Idaho. Even just to NW Utah (or Salt Lake area) would be a big help, the sooner, the better.
I have been looking in my area for a long time! I found this bike about 2 hours away from me.. The owner says it is a 1994 gas gas 327??? He says it runs good and is in "good" s...

23 days ago

Hi fellow riders! I'm looking for feedback on this free iPhone app I just built... I was looking for good / fun roads to ride for that sunday "joy ride". It occurred ...
A good article from the always excellent Motomatters.

24 days ago While the current size of the MotoGP grid is capped at 24 bikes ? with the currently vacant 24th...
I didn't create this as a race spoiler thread, but as a sound off for those that are going. So...who's going? I'm there for race week.
My good friend Doc Joe was riding up into a remote canyon with friend Rob, and after a long run up wherein the engine got nice and toasty, and without excess clutch slipping, th...

25 days ago

Garmin zumo user x 10 years, and I am in a almost-tolerate/hate relationship with the product. For a user interface they reinvented the wheel, it seems. They never update their ...

26 days ago

My Goodness! Very lucky chaps.
Thinking of going to Springfield mile this month. Like to take wife as she's never been to a mile race. Also working on getting my 1200r two up ready as I'd like to ride that....
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