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9 days ago

Really guys? No one interested anymore? Has MotoAmerica not let it get promoted?? Danny Eslick rode his Dunlop-shod TOBC racing Yamaha YZF-R6 to victo...

10 days ago

Is it possible to add geotags along a track in MapSource? If not, what would I need to do this, Basecamp? How difficult is it? Would these pics show up in a GPX file when sharing?
Thought I would start a thread so we could share links, web addresses, sites ect for parts. Lots of parts out there that I don't need, but they are at pretty good prices. Face...

11 days ago

Probably something that most of us already knew anyway
Can anyone give me an idea of how the sportsman/clubman lines at Nationals will compare to NETA classes? Is NATC Sportsman =~ NETA Intermediate and NATC Clubman =~ NETA Sportsman?
Can I connect two Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously? Please excuse me if this seems a rather daft question but how many bluetooth receivers can i connect to my garmin zu...
DAYTONA TT from Daytona Beach Heats on now.
I'm going to be doing a few endurance races with my sprint bike this year. Obviously endurance takes more than one I'll need someone to do the other half of the sti...

12 days ago

So I dug my 06 Beta Rev 3 200 out of the shed after 18 months of inaction. The plan was to ride my first ever trial this weekend with CAT at Oak Flats. After riding around a...
I've searched but can't find any info with regards to the curve on this module. I'm picking up a used one today, may or may not work according to the owner, however for the...

13 days ago

Lewisportusa called and said the bikes arrived at Beta USA and will be shipped tomorrow. My 250 will be at their shop Friday, so all of you that have bikes on order should be ge...
Thought some on here might like to see what AMA Superbike racing was like in it's heyday. I attended this race and just recently got this uploaded to Youtube. Pretty epic race w...

14 days ago

Which ADV riders are doing it? The Jinba Ittai Motorsports will race the Daytona 200 Saturday and then race the Alligator o...
Has anyone experienced a ploblem similar to what I have. Fitted the IRC blipper and run the bike on the dyno with traction control off with no issues. Take it to the track and t...
On Saturday May 20th the 4th Annual Riders For Striders Dual Sport ADV Charity ride is taking place,it's purpose is to purchase Strider bikes for Peyton Manning Children’s Hospi...

15 days ago

As a newly promoted expert, I'm starting to shop around for my first set of custom leathers, and I would love to get something lighter than the 15 lb Arlen Ness set I've had sin...
I found an Oset 12.5 on CL near Washington DC. Understandably, the seller doesn't want to get involved with shipping. Bike is too small to deal with a regular motorcycle shipp...
I've searched for a how-to but not finding the answer I need. I'm planning a ride by laying out paths on Google Earth, some of which are tracks made via gps previously. After ...
In 5 days the Tuareg Rally 2017 will start in Midelt, Morocco. They promised an exciting route, more navigation and less straights. In 2015 I did this rally on my Husaberg, ...

16 days ago

I just opened up google maps on my IPad and it appears to have a route, marked in red, that closely follows the trans america trail. It ends in Port Orford but has multiple star...

17 days ago

Anyone seen the new Ducati aero on the desmosedici? was referring to is as the Hammerhead. Thoughts?

18 days ago

Testing is underway at Qatar. Lorenzo put in a screamer on the Duc to put him up there in P2, then got knocked down to P3 by Marquez with hours still to go on Day 1
I wondered what was up with this year's Daytona 200. A quick web search revealed almost nothing, other than Daytona's website. I know that the race is scheduled and sanctioned (...

19 days ago

3d printed aluminum radiator used in a 3d assembled escavator. Crazy future this tech is creating. Attached Files: - ...
They all look great on TV, but which venue/race would you racing veterans recommend to visit? I would like to plan vacation this year around a race and seeking suggestions. ...
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1994 AMA Superbike - Road Atlanta
1994 AMA Superbike - Road Atlanta
1994 AMA Superbike - Road Atlanta
1994 AMA Superbike - Road Atlanta
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Half of a Sportster.
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Just found this on You-Tube
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