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10 days ago

for those that don't know it's a 1/4 mile dirt track built indoors in Tulsa Oklahoma. 350+ cars are entered. The cars are "midgets", a small 75" or so wheelbase open wheel car w...
What can I say?! What an awesome day and an experience to last a lifetime!! Been to Phillip island a couple times as a spectator and it was great, but of course it was so much...
I said I was going to wait to start this until AFTER Dakar 2017, but just came across this article from

11 days ago

I use my Oregon 450 with a Garmin USB power adapter wired into my bike. It worked reliably for 3 years and then the power connection started to flake out. I dealt with the frust...
I was able to pick up a Garmin GPSmap 478 and it has CN North America NT 2014.40 US & Canada loaded in it. Unfortunately I don't have it on my PC so whenever I build a route and...
Passing this along to folks here as there have been questions regarding the trials school and number of events. note: nothing is official until confirmation at the banquet on th...

12 days ago

Now that I've moved to mainland Europe the continental Moto GPs become that more accessible particularly the Spanish ones. Anyone else planning on taking in some of the continen...

13 days ago

Was a Garmin and basecamp user. I decided to try tomtom, very easy to make routes or tracks. Both have their weakness but i think most people overate and just go for garmin. If ...
Tossing out the lifeline, maybe someone will grab it and tow me along. I'm in South Korea and can't figure out how to see the Dakar. Help!
First I have heard of this one. Change in engine supplier AND size?
I've been using a smartphone app to record tracks of my rides, but have not used it for directions because (1) it was hard to read in the sunlight and (2) I was terrified of bre...

14 days ago

Garmin Zumo 550 - New Life "Sudden Death Syndrome" ... I'm pretty sure that is what the condition has been dubbed. It was during the Detroit to Key West ride in March of ...
I have searched well , right through out the internet , without success , for a reference to an Issue I had with running Magellan Vantage Point on my Windows 10 Acer lap top . I...
sooo after i broke my handle bars the other day i had someone ask me if i greased my bars?(just at the clamps) i responded with "no, its not a moving part, i made sure the clamp...

15 days ago

a very good freind has a stock r1 and all he has been doing i talking crap about how bad he will outrun my bike, i just want to no if with the right rider will the my bird outru...
I haven't seen this mentioned here anywhere. Does anyone else have the same problem? Furkot (and GoogleMaps and others) all have the on-screen maps that are almost unreadabl...

16 days ago

Off the 93'. No #'s or name, anyone recognize these? 3" Diameter on the noisy end. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
So not the all-in-one I was hoping for.
I've got a Bultaco fiberglass tank and of course, it leaks. Looks like it's leaking at the bottom rear of the tank where it molds into the side panels and seat base. Previous ...
Does any one know how you run oil lines, pickups and vents to and under engine oil tank? Like the road race XRTT (Not a semi wet sump ) and full race XR-1000's used? All help i...
I will admit this is the first year I have paid closer attention to the Dakar and I noticed no BMWs present but it looks like they may have been there as late as 2011? I realize...

17 days ago

DAKAR 2017 - ADV LIST - ? Timing, schedules and more. F5 Fastlinks (unread): F5 Official F5irehose ....F5 Photo / Video .... F5 Lyndon R2P (unread) F5 MISC DAKAR Tracker .....

18 days ago

Converting from button type gps to Locus for Android. What do you use so you don't have to take off your gloves?
I am hoping to find other trials riders in my area ? Please PM me if you are interested in riding and are from this area .
Hi again ADV riders, I decided to open a separate thread about the 2017 Dakar fantasy game, not to spam the F5irehose. For those of you living under a rock for the past few y...
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Just found this on You-Tube
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VIDEO: Hooligan Races, Downsville, MD 6/11/2016
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Is this rim true enough?
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Hare Scramble Racing in SW MO w/ Commentary
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Hard Enduro my Video Channel -- Good time :)


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