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and the best looking bike goes to KTM spooge
Had a great time at the Super X last nite! Thought i would post a few pics I took. I grabbed the wrong lens that the SWM does not work. Manual was about my only option. ...
Session 1 wet. Yeah, go for it Savadori. [url=] Conditions look a bit iffy for session 2, 16C temp. Watch out for Fores,


I'd like to get a Trials bike to improve my off-road riding skills (I find I don't have great balance when standing even though I'm trying to always look far ahead). Can an...
Anybody use one of these ?

3 days ago

Live on HD Facebook page more event info:
The Sacramento PITS is proud to announce our 2017 season kick-off trial in Copperopolis, CA! The British-America Cup will take place March 4th and 5th where we can camp with the...
I found out the rear caliper is basically locked up. Any advice on whether to try to rebuild it (new pistons and seals) or just buy a rebuilt/new one. Either way advice on whe...

4 days ago

And yet another Factory team in MA this year. I really like the team as well.

5 days ago

This is basically how I set up the aim clutch in my bike. I did not come up with any of this information, it was all given to me. And I have most likely butchered the original...
I have been carrying an Asus 10" notebook computer on trips for several years. It still works but has become almost unusably slow. The problem seems to be limited memory. I g...
The AMRA will be returning to Baton Rouge... Please contact me, if you can help spread the "word" or if you want Flyers. Hope to see some of you there... it is Closer than...
2008-10 buell XB & 2008 up XR1200 crankshaft sprocket. 30 tooth all aluminum sprocket. Get a hold of me if you are interested in one. I do not believe anyone is making these.

6 days ago

MotoGP? Anyone here excited for the new season? Marquez is going to do Repsol Honda proud again. Any favorites? I kinda stopped watching after Stoner retired, man he ...
Hi, so I'm thinking about doing my first dual sport ride and they require either a GPS or a rollchart holder. What are the real basics of reading a rollchart? I haven't gotten u...

7 days ago

So I have a Zumo 660 as a backup nav and also use lend it out to friends and family when they go on trips. One thing I want to do is in "where to" move the "custom routes" to th...

8 days ago

Sounds like a hoot Roland Sands Design is proud to bring America the “thrills and spills” of St...
Motors TV used to cover this, but I can only find French commentary this year. If nothing else, skip to the 12 minute mark to watch the start.

10 days ago

Anyone running them yet? Slaven's mentioned a tire sizing chart and I'must not having any luck finding it. I have three events coming up and I want to set up two sets of rims...
Noob trials guy here looking to make a few contacts locally. I sent a few emails to New England Trials Association members but nothing back yet. Anybody here a NETA member tha...
I have a 2016 Factory 250. It as been my favorite bike ever, by a fair margin. I was curious what would change in 2017 on the Factory (Cabestany) models. I just got informa...

11 days ago

How much do modern day electronics change the idea of good throttle control? Do they change it at all or must the Moto GP stars still observe the standard throttle control rule?

12 days ago

Finally got my bike back together last weekend. Ready for homestead this weekend!! The chicken head logo didn't come in till after I took pictures outside that day. S...
Folks, I'm finally learning Basecamp and doing ok after a rough start. I'm trying to route an upcoming trip through some USFS campgrounds. I can't seem to get the campgrounds to...

13 days ago

As indicated, I am getting low memory warning with the latest update and have someone coming to the U.S. who can bring me back an expansion memory card. I sure don't know how t...
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my 10.4 1/4 mile pass
Just found this on You-Tube
Just found this on You-Tube
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VIDEO: Hooligan Races, Downsville, MD 6/11/2016
Is this rim true enough?
Is this rim true enough?
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Hare Scramble Racing in SW MO w/ Commentary
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Hard Enduro my Video Channel -- Good time :)


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