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Clutch disc problems...

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Ok, I'm putting a new clutch on my GL500. It rode fine before, but with 65k miles. And since I was opening the front up anyways I should do some maintenance. So I replaced the clutch discs, and springs, clutch cable, tachometer cable, oil pump chain, and front cover all at once. Along with an oil change.

Well all went well, no issues with anything. Until... I put the clutch cover on and found out the "mushroom" push piece almost makes no contact to the clutch bearing, and will not disengage the clutch at all. Looking at the clutch arm on side of the cover it doesn't get any resistance until near the 11 o'clock position. Which is basically as far as it can go.

I took it apart a couple times, made just all washers were in correct locations, and everything was right. Same results each time. So I read online some and found somebody saying they had an identical problem. And eventually found one the friction discs he had bought were too thick. Caltric brand, which measured 3.5mm. Well mine is Caltric, and also measure 3.5mm. I read that the EBC clutch discs are recommended and are 2.7mm. So I ordered a set of them, waiting on them to come in now. But I went and measured my old worn discs that I took out and they all measured 3.1mm. If new is supposed to be 2.7mm then why do my old used ones measure 3.1mm?? Are they supposedly just swelled up with oil?

I'm 100% sure I have the "mushroom" piece in right and movement begins on it as soon as I move the lever with the cover off. I've triple checked that washers, etc are in the correct order and orientation with the clutch baskets. So could there be anything else? It's still weird to me that replacing the too thick discs with thinner ones will somehow make the rod be able to disengage the clutch when it can barely touch it now.
Date: Jun 19, 2017   


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