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Rivera primo Complete chain drive vs kit

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I'm looking to replace the clutch on my 1999 FLSTC EVO

I'm not sure whether to get the Pro-Clutch or the Pro-Clutch with the TPP clutch assist. Hope you can get me a bit more info on differences there.

I'm hesitating between either the 1056-0006 Pro-Clutch kit or the 1053-0009 Complete chain drive. Don't have access to a press and would go the easy way by taking the OAM stuff out and install the Complete chain drive. Just want to do this without too much hassle.

What exactly is the difference between the Kit & the Complete ?

Do I understand correctly that the complete chain drive is a bolt off bolt on from stock without needing to take off the clutch plates ? Just take the whole oem thing off and then install the complete chain drive ? Do I still need to remove the plates and oil them or is it ready for action when shipped ?

Any thought on the matter are appreciated.
Date: Feb 15, 2014   

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How do you know if something sounds good?
How do you know if something sounds good?


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