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Buell - 75 sportster loading up at higher RPM

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I have 75 sportster (.040 over, butterfly kiehin carb 180/78 jets, points and dual fire, drag pipes with 5" baffles and fish tails)

Basically what is happening is that the bike runs fine down low, but shutters up high... doesn't matter if its under and Load or not... high revs = equal a stutter similar to bouncing off the rev limiter on a fuel injected bike

The carb is freshly cleaned and regasketed.

I tried 160/68 jets but it was quite lean... lots of mid range throttle surging and de-acceleration pop. Went back to 180/78 & the bike was much happier

Adjusted timing by ear and trial error

New points and condenser adjusted points

Check the spark and noticed it was orange... grabbed a not. Coil and installed it, orange turning to blue... I little better... but not perfect... this caused the bike to be able to rev higher but still load up (too much fuel?) at high rpms

Could a weak spark cause this? Recommend and cheap hot coil?
Date: Jun 17, 2017    Labels: Buell

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