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Buell - Serious senior advice needed at this point.

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I'm running out of ideas here.

The good news first:

I've started previous threads about tuning and finnished today with super positive outcome. Ditched the 10" baffles in my drags I have had since I got the bike and put in lollipops. 32/70 jetting on ss-e and the bike is running like an ape on steroids. So much torque and power I have never felt in the bike and hitting 4K it rips your arms off. The bike is running much smoother since i had a problem with rough running below highway speeds. I was so happy with the tuning result I burned forth and back on the highway.

To the problem:

Suddenly in all my happiness I notice the oil indication light begins to flash first at 3.5Kish. I turn around to return to my garage and while in the town it begins to flash on all decelerations and little here and there. I'm running valvoline vr1 20/50 and have never noticed anything like this before. PROBLEM nr2 occures a click from my garage. bike begins to jerk/loose power just like it did a week ago which I then cured by replacing coil. It also now felt like occationally running on one cylinder, also got one pretty loud backfire. I stopped the bike to look around for something. after a minute I started it and rode back to garage. Got it running but it seemed to run a little choppy and felt like rear was giving cooler strikes of air than front.

The bike was really hot I must say. Could I have f***ed up the new coil in a couple of days (it's located in the front on top of front cylinder, so it gets it's share of heat) did I overheat the engine (whats the damage then) or what am I dealing with here. I got the normal 140psi front and rear jug which is what i've been getting since rebuild 10K miles ago. Are these 2 issues linked? Funny thing is that I've been running much hotter days longer rides and I should not ne lean enough with my jettings to overheat the engine with that... I think. I was running 31/70 first but got sporadic sneezez which finnished by throwing back in the 32 intermediate. Been probably running lean for a few days now since I was experimenting with the jetting and timing.

My spontanious guess would be electrical probem to the loosing power/backfire. But is it the coil or did the DynaS I'm running get overheated?

So please if anyone knows where to go from here since I feel the bike that has been super reliable now may quit on me on any occation, I would appreciate big time.
Date: Jun 17, 2017    Labels: Buell

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