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Buell - Dropped my ole friend.

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Well I was being an idiot. But I laid my sporty down back in March. I know I am late to post. But I kinda had to get over it. I was pulling it out of the drive way and foolishly reving the throttle. I really was wanting to clear the old gas out of the carb but was in a hury. Apparently I spilled oil in my garage working on a dirtbike for a neighbor and my rear wheel was oily. So drop the clutch, with too much throttle, and oil on the tire, equals fish tailing out of control and I droped the poor bike on the left side. Bike got some scrapping on the pegs, clutch cover, and ruined the bar ends. Worse off is my knee. I messed it up good. Crushed the cartilage and I can't twist my knee without blowing it out and no walking for a week. Other than that a but load of stitches in my other leg where something stabbed my inner thigh pretty deep. My guess is the saddle bag bolt. My wife stitched me up pretty good though. Ohh yeah four stitches in my hand and she stitched that as well.

First time to drop her though. Now that thats done I can move on.

I rode it a bit last week and all seems functional. But I have decided to inspect deeper than a 20 mile ride. So I will put her on the stand and do alot of work I have been neglecting as well as check for damage. Brakes will be reworked new fluid and pads, front shock will be reworked, smaller bushings and new shock oil. I may put a set of Roak King shocks on that Grind gave me years ago. Check all the critical fasteners, wheel bearings, as well as fork. I will check spokes for true.

Not sure if I should rip in to the engine. It seems to run great. No issues that I can immediately tell after my ride.

So what could I be missing? Or am I over thinking it for a small drop and skid?
Date: Oct 12, 2017    Labels: Buell

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