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Buell - Cheaper Riser/Speedo Conversion

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For anyone looking to get rid of the ugly stock riser setup on the 05 custom for ape hanger installs, there's a cheaper way and the speedo isn't sticking up so much as it is with the 55846-05A setup a lot are doing. Then there's also the added cost of the harness due to the indicator light assembly being longer and LED.

By using the older top clamp 56074-96($56 @ finditparts), the shorter incandescent indicator light assembly snaps right in eliminating that cost and then use a separate single gauge mount(169387 made by bikers choice) that includes the backplate($42.84 @ chromeworld) and mount it on the triple tree right in front of the risers.

Buy the risers of your choice, the speedo back cushion, a few screws/bolts and you're around $150 give or take a few bucks and your speedo isn't sticking up in the air as much.

The single gauge bracket could also be attached to the 56074-96 top clamp and end up with the same look as the all in one 55846-05A but still eliminate the need for the harness and indicator light assembly.
Date: Oct 12, 2017    Labels: Buell

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How do you know if something sounds good?


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