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Buell - Chasing intermittent problem

Frame Mount EVO Sportster Talk (1986-2003 models) - The Sportster and Buell Motorcycle Forum -
1994 1200 starts and runs fine, but after maybe a mile starts missing and stalls.

I first considered the recent work done on the bike:

1) tins were painted, when reinstalled there was some debris in the online filter which I cleaned out.

2) new plug wires.

I had a hard time crimping the terminals on the coil end of the wires. They ended up too far down on the wire and were too tight in the coil. About the time the problem started I got shocked when I touched the primary cover and the coil, it seems secondary voltage was leaking. I went back to the Taylor wires I was running which have one season on them - I had to trim some insulation to make them work with my coil (my reason for switching this year). Got me thinking I might have fried something.

I was not methodical enough in diagnosing the problem, replaced some parts and still have the problem. I don't like to admit that I mishandled this, but maybe someone else will be helped.

The bike had a Pingel petcock when I bought it. Also has the vacuum fitting in place on the right side of the tank, but when I drained it to be painted I did not need to apply vacuum so I guess it is not used with this petcock?

After I cleaned the fuel filter I dropped the fuel bowl and there is no debris in the carb. New CV-40 was put on last year.

Coil ohm readings are within spec.

Carried a spark plug with me, when it stalled I used that to see if I had spark. I did, but the bike would start and run briefly after stalling so the problem is not consistent enough for me to have confidence in my limited diagnosis skills.

I applied heat to the nose-cone module and it started to miss, but again that may have just been coincidence/ unrelated to the heat.

Installed Daytona Twin-Tech ignition.

Installed new dual fire coil.

These did nothing to fix the problem.

*Battery voltage key on is 12.7.

*Ignition switch had been relocated to the battery tray when I bought it. It is an HD piece. Wires run up under the tank (did not remove the tank, should there be a plug/ connector?) Anyway, read voltage at coil: 11.1; jiggling the key didn't show a change in the reading.

*Battery cables are good quality molded, look to be pretty new with no corrosion. Ground is tight and clean, I need to remove rear exhaust to access the positive cable connection to the starter.

I would love to find the problem myself. Once I verify the positive battery cable I think I've covered the obvious stuff and am not sure I've properly ruled out a fuel problem. If someone can help un-confuse me I would greatly appreciate it...
Date: Jun 17, 2017    Labels: Buell

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