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Buell - Dakota Digital...worth it?

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just bought a 07 sportster that was a import from USA, so it has a MPH speedo.

drives me a little insane, i dont feel like figuring out a estimate of my speed. so i threw some stickers on it for now... but i hate it...loooks like crap.

ive been looking at the dakota digital, and really considering it. ebay you can get them for $330+30 shipping to canada...then ill have to pay taxes so ill be looking at about $420ish at the most.

other option is go to HD and get a new OEM one from them which is $373+tax. not bad but basically the same price as the dakota digital but with no features.

so what do you guys think?

should i get the dakota?

and if yes, what color screen is better to see, the blue or red?

i would like the look of the red better, but whats easier on the eyes and better in different lighting conditions?
Date: Oct 11, 2017    Labels: Buell

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How do you know if something sounds good?
How do you know if something sounds good?


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