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Buell - Corroded Fuse Block

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I just discovered that my 2008 sportster 1200C has a significant amount of corrosion inside of the fuse block and visible on the fuses. The proximity to the battery is most likely the cause, i did not experience any problems because of this as of yet, but in due time this would have left the bike DEAD and not at a convienient time (STURGIS). I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if a jell battery is the cure. i am going to replace the battery the fuse block, fuses/relays and put some di-electric on all of the connections to prevent this in the future. I have an extended warrenty on the bike but not sure if they would cover this I will update my findings when i know more. MADJOE
Date: Oct 11, 2017    Labels: Buell

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How do you know if something sounds good?
How do you know if something sounds good?


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