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Buell - 78 XLCR yea, a CR....

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so my birth right was handed down to me. a XLCR (one of 3133 made from 77- 79). dad bought it new and held it for years running or not and last year past the buck to me ( not running) NO SPARK!

the points, condenser, continuity up to the secondary coil OK, 12 V to primary coil OK, coil tested OK, continuity on plug wires OK as were spark plugs... yet no Spark!!!!

in an old coffee can were the OEM points and in hand were the new points, THEY WERE DIFFERENT!! the HD dealship for years were selling dad points for a shovel head not an iron head, (they did so because their parts catalog said so.... "it wold fit either") but they can be modified to work GREAT!

The Shovel points were 1/8" wide from point to pivot mount, than the OEM which, was causing the nut that the condenser and secondary coil wire connect to engine casing by less then 1/16" (enough to ground out) = NO SPARK

file a 1/16" off the end of the bolt, and wire snip the square box into a C shape so that the bushing will fit in and presto!!!!


pics for those who care. not sure if this is all XL's, or just XLCR related, or NORTH END HD in Plattsburgh NY are just a bunch of dinks

Any ways a dial in of the upgreade Mikni carb and static time set one of 3133 should be running again!!!!
Date: Jun 18, 2017    Labels: Buell


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