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Lock Problem - Top Box

1200 GS Hexhead - ::. .:: -
Lock Problems

I bought a 2010 1200GS Adventure with BMW (Touratech) panniers, unseen. When it was delivered the top box had been removed with the rack attached. I soon discovered the reason for this was due to the lock not working that locks the top box to the rack. The key only goes halfway into the lock.

I know a little about locks, and I understand that this is a wafer lock, so I would have imagined that one of the following actions should sort out the lock to at least get it open: -

- Soak the lock in WD40

- Turnthe top box through 360 degrees, trying the key in the lock every 90 degrees

- Jiggle a piece of metal, thinner than the key, in the lock to push the wafers back

None of these attempts worked so I assume that a wafer is jammed, perhaps by a broken spring?

The lock and holder mechanism is held onto the top box by 4 bolts and nyloc nuts. I have managed to removed the 2 easiest bolts and the spacer, and with the play that this gave along with the natural flex of the top box material, managed to separate the rack and the top box. Sadly there is not enough space for me to get a grip on the remaining nyloc nuts. Can I assume that the only way that I am going to get the lock and it's holding mechanism off is to drill the bolts out from the inside of the top box?


Date: Jun 19, 2017   

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