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The new Mersey Gateway Bridge opens on Friday

North West - ::. .:: -
Free to motorcycles...

Expensive for local business and commuters...

My son's company makes approximately ten return trips (HGV's) per day across the old bridge free of charge.

The old bridge closes on Friday (for maintenance) as the new toll bridge opens. It will reopen

in twelve months time with toll charges. Therefore, two toll bridges side by side.

He and many other local companies will need to pass on their toll fees to their customers.

The new bridge was built to bring prosperity to the area (as the politicians would have us believe).

All its going to achieve is to impose a tax on regular users and local trade.

Some companies are already talking of relocating and many commuters either side of the river are looking for new jobs.

Severn Bridge....................toll free

Queensferry Crossing.......toll free

Dartford Crossing..............toll free

The Northern Powerhouse.

Date: Oct 12, 2017   


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