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BMW - 2017 Euro4 OBD2 BMW GS's

1200 GS Wasserhead - ::. .:: -
Someone asked how I use my mobile phone to reset my service indicator and read fault codes on my 2017 Euro4 OBD2 BMW GSA.

Firstly you need to ensure you have a Euro4 spec bike, with the OBD2 standard connector (which is located behind your motorcycle battery cover).

Then you need to buy either the OBDLink LX or OBDLink MX bluetooth or Wifi device. Costs around £60-£70 (I chose the MX Version as it also connects to my family members cars (Ford, Vauxhall, Renault etc) and I can read and reset fault codes on theirs as well with it.

Anyways, once you have the ODB2 reader you then need the MotoScan Ultimate App to download on your phone (I have an Android Samsung S8 device). The Ultimate app costs around £35 'ish.

Once you have the App downloaded and the OBD2 reader connected you will be able to see fault codes, reset service indicator etc (in Km so just remember to convert from Miles and you are good to go).

Works great and only cost me £100 in total as I picked up the OBD2 second hand off eBay.
Date: Oct 13, 2017    Labels: BMW

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