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Anyone fancy a wafer .....

1200 GS Wasserhead - ::. .:: -
thin brake pad on the back of their LC?!

I know this is a known problem but I couldn't believe what I found when I changed the pads today. One had about 0.5mm on it and the other was cigarette-paper thin!

So the stats:

2014 GSA LC

Brembo Carbon Ceramic Pads (Brembo 07BB0335 rear caliper brake pads | BRA70335)

Total of just over 4,500 miles from new.

Now I know this wasn't because I drag my foot over the brake pedal - the most regular criticism of my riding is that I don't cover the rear brake pedal enough.

The front pads have done 10,500 miles and have plenty of life left in them.

Did I pick the wrong replacement? This time I've gone on the advice of my local bike shop and fitted EBC FA209/2HH's.

I will be watching the new ones much more carefully!!

Less than 5k miles - I ask you!!
Date: Oct 12, 2017   

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