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Petrol on my 2016 LC screen

1200 GS Wasserhead - ::. .:: -
Riding back from Holland yesterday About 30 miles out of Calais, a group of people in road trying to stop bikes and cars. Basically, cause crash - lorries slow down and rest we all know....

One of the little Sh@tes threw as well as bricks, a plastic bottle at me. It had petrol in it. Yes, it was petrol. Did well to miss him at 50mph. The screen got brunt of petrol well as my lid torso. I got to the Euro Tunnel about 8pm to find screen had truned opaque and right fog light on crash bar had been snapped off mounting and busted.

Problem is my MRA Varo has an opaque stain where petrol hit. Covers about 50% of screen.Tried MUC off / SDOC and screen cleaner (Halfords) but still there.

Can someone answer - is screen knackered? or is there something I can clean it with?

Sorry no pics


Date: Oct 12, 2017   

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