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Suzuki - Muti-subject thread

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Alright, so I have a nice little list built up in my phone memos, about several different things, I figure I could make one thread to have the community chime in on different things.

I'll number them so it's a little easier to type in your responses. I have a tendency to make things a bit "wordy" so I'll try to cut that out and make it simpler.

1. -I really want to adjust the clutch lever so it is closer to the hand grip, without simply putting more play in with the cable adjuster up near the lever.

- I'd like someone to tell me how to do this the right way. Assuming that the clutch adjustment for something like this is under the front sprocket cover.

-like an inch or 1.5 inches closer, so I have less distance to pull it. Want it to engage correctly of course.

-my hand is getting sore with pulling that lever so many times where it is now.

2. -Need to know recommended tire pressure for my pirelli angel gt's for my 2003 sv650s. I have them at 34/37. For some odd reason, I can't find it anywhere online.

3. -I have a chain guide, here's a picture. To check the play on the bike with this guide there, I can't measure it right at the middle, the chain touches the guide. Should I remove it? or measure the play a different way?

4. -Headlights dim under load from a downshift. This normal? Any idea why this may be happening?

5. -There is a little squeak from the fuel injection from a cold start. It seems fine, but I wonder what that's from. Sometimes it squeaks a bit after warm too. It only squeaks right when i hit the button. After that the sound is consistent.

6. -Rarely, but about 4-5 times since owning it, I have shifted between gears. it has gotten back into gear each time, pretty surprising when it happens. Nothing to worry about this? Cause? I think it's simple user error from me not moving the foot lever right each time, but unsure.

7. -First gear very hard to hold a speed, for low speed situations. I have perfect throttle control, and it jerks ever so slightly. A bit annoying. Maybe I should lube or check my throttle cable.

8. -I'd like to know what product I should use to keep a brand new "Icon Armada" visor looking perfect and seeing through it clearly, for at least a year. I might even message the manufacturer about it for a product recommendation.

9. -My fan did not turn on at 205 degrees, hardly ever gets there, but I thought the fan comes on at 205, 206? turns off at 196? How to test?

I would love a paper copy of the full service manual, so I could more easily check out things on my own instead of coming to the forum every time I got something I wanna figure out, or inspect. Of course, certain things are different, but I'd like to get into doing more of the maintenance that I should be doing.

Where can I get a big paper copy of that service manual? Something that I can see the pictures well.
Date: Oct 1, 2017    Labels: Suzuki

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