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Suzuki - Hitting false neutral?

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I've accidentally shifted my SV into a 'false neutral' while accelerating (and not applying enough pressure on the shift lever) a few times, I think it's happened only when shifting from 4th to 5th gear, but it could have been from 3rd to 4th a couple times. It hasn't happened in a while, but it happened today and was a little rough, it revved pretty high in the false neutral and I immediately shifted into the right gear which was a rough/clunky shift. I know this is a very sturdy engine, but I started wondering exactly how much wear might have occurred? And if it would be smart to do an oil change now/soon, or just forget about it and maybe do an early oil change (before it hits the 3500-4000 mile mark)? The last oil change was only 1000 miles ago and I use Amsoil with the Suzuki oil filter.

Also, I was riding the SV last night and with cooler temps, it ran noticeably better. Felt like it ran better than ever, like I upgraded to a full exhaust and power commander, it wanted to rip out of every corner. I know this is because the air was more dense last night, but I'm wondering if this means I can get any kind of power gain by opening up the exhaust and/or intake more?

My bike has a Two Brothers slip-on with the P1 quiet insert, air box snorkel removed, stock air filter and no power commander. Since I'm trying to sell this SV for a newer/faster bike, I won't be buying a full exhaust or any expensive mods, but since I have a way to open the exhaust and intake slightly (remove quiet insert, cut a bigger hole in air box...), I'm wondering if that would be worth it for the time being.
Date: Oct 4, 2017    Labels: Suzuki

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