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Suzuki - Testing resistance on fuel pump; and normal levels

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I have been having problems with my fuel pump fuse blowing. After checking wires and re-installing, the problem persists. This is a new pump I bought earlier this year when I re-did the throttle bodies (it is from - said it was SV650 compatible despite listing for VStrom and Intruder).

After reading a couple of threads on resistance I bought a new pump.

So just to confirm, you can check resistance with the pump off the bike, right? You just set your multi-meter and attach the leads to the hot and the ground on the pump, right? No outside power source needed, right?

Testing my new pump this way, I'm showing 3.0 ohms. Is this ok?

I haven't checked the highflow pump yet because the wiring clip has three wires and I don't know which two to check.

Any input here would be greatly appreciated.
Date: Oct 4, 2017    Labels: Suzuki

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