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Suzuki - Weird Front Brake Behavior

99-02 SV650 tech - Suzuki SV650 Forum: SV650, SV1000, Gladius Forums -
Installed Galfer braided front brake lines about three weeks ago. Also installed a bleeder at the MC. Bled the **** out of them and the lever was rock hard. Test drove it a few miles and the brakes worked great. I parked it for about two weeks in my garage and when I went to move it tonite, the brake lever came all the way to the bar without resistance - like when you do a pad change and have pushed the pistons in. I pumped it about 10 times and I am back to a hard lever and perfectly functioning brakes. There are no obvious leaks. It is almost like the pistons retracted themselves while it was parked. Any ideas on what happened? I have been wrenching on bikes for 40 years and have never had this happen. The calipers and MC are stock with Vesrah RL pads.
Date: Oct 6, 2017    Labels: Suzuki

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