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Honda - 75 Honda CB 500t won't start. *new to motorcycles/Carburetors*

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Most of why the bike won't is unintelligent novice mistakes. So I bought the bike about 2 weeks ago, test rode it twice, 2 weeks apart, PO wasn't riding it in between except for a few quick test rides. It started perfectly fine both times, first time electric start, first or second time kickstart. I rode the bike home about 30 minutes, quick stop, rode it home the rest of the 30 minutes and it ran *pleasantly*. I rode it about a week later and it started fine, rode it about 10 minutes down the street and it stalled out in 2nd gear. I pulled over and spent 15 minutes trying to kickstart it and the electric start wasn't working at all. I got it started rode it home, it stalled out once more but I got it started again and made it back to my driveway. It was (very very) hot the following week (upper 80's to 90's and high humidity.) I left the fuel line on that for 2 days, rode it 2 days later and it rode for about 10 minutes, stalled out at a stop sign and didn't start back up. Didn't start for the rest of the day. 3 days after that I put a new battery in, tested at 13.7 amps. Replaced spark plugs. Bike started to rev, something popped and a smoke cloud appeared and drifted off and then the engine wouldn't turn. I spent all day cleaning and checking electrical connections. End of the day It started but wouldn't idle, throttle kept the engine running but it was not self-sustaining. The engine stopped, the electrical starter stopped working, the kick starter froze and won't even budge immediately after it stalled. I'm at my wits end, might just take it into a honda dealership and have them solve all my problems. Any help would be appreciated I know its a long story...
Date: Jun 19, 2017    Labels: Honda

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