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Honda - 1983 Nighthawk 650SC Electrical issue

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So this is my first bike and I have 5 years about 12K on it and it has given me no troubles until now. So it wouldn't start with the starter out of winter storage even with a freshly charged battery. It would pop start immediately (gotta love Honda's). The starter had been giving me issues for a while so I decided to just replace it. That helped a little, i was able to get it to turn over and on a freshly charged battery it would run. I was able to use a freshly charged battery, let it idle for a while in the yard and take it on a short ride about 10 miles. After that, it would not start again with the electric starter and the dash would get very dim and shortly I was out of juice. I charged the battery again and tried it all over. This time it started right up but then made an awful screeching (not grinding noise) and then it died. This was with full choke and reving strong. I checked my oil and tried to start it again, same thing, runs strong and then dies with this horrible noise. This time i checked the battery and the terminals were scolding hot and the starter was quite hot but I could touch it without getting burned. I had to just keep replacing everything without knowing what the issue is.

Pertinent information and the next part that I am going to replace is the positive battery cable from the relay to the battery was replaced last year. I could not easily find the stock part so I used a generic lawnmower cable and bent the end and cut the end to match the stock part (this is a heavier gauge than stock). Second I am running a gel battery after my old electrolyte battery ran low and died. It seems like I am shorting somewhere hence the heat and dead battery. I just want to get out and ride. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
Date: Jun 19, 2017    Labels: Honda

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