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Honda - 1998 Honda Magna VF750C2

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I rode about 3 weeks ago, in 30 degree weather. Cold. But my bike started right up. And had no problems with it starting up all last year. Well, I go to fire it up this past weekend (a nice warm and balmy 75F) and it's a no go. I ended up draining the battery by trying to start it so much, but it just turns over and over and over. Bummer. But.. I was also kind of excited. You see, I am no mechanic. But I always wanted an excuse to work on my bike and learn, so I may be over complicating things.

My first thought was that it isn't getting any fuel. So I removed the fuel tank, and gas flows freely through the petcock when in the ON or Reserve position. The tube from the petcock assembly to the cover set(?) had fuel in it, but when starting, it doesn't seem to have any pull/vaccuum to it. Does it need it? I figured if it isn't pulling any fuel through, just the fuel that gravity is letting through, this may be my problem. But where do I go from here? Could it be a dirty carb? I am having a tough time getting a detailed manual (with pics) illustrating how to remove and clean the carb. And being new to working on vehicles, I don't want to F up my carb. But I am comfortable following directions. Is there a way to clean it without removing it?

I removed the air filter box and cylinder 4 is pulling air in, so that is good. And sitting here typing this and gathering my thoughts, I haven't changed my plugs. Should I try that as well as changing the oil? It just turns over, doesn't sound like it is getting any fire at all.
Date: Oct 12, 2017    Labels: Honda

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How do you know if something sounds good?


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