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Suzuki - Suzuki gs400 ignition wiring help

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Hello forum, I have recently purchased a Suzuki gs400 engine. It came with everything I need to get it running, coils, igniter, wiring harness, regulator, and such. Now, I have no idea how to get it to spark. I have tested the points on the engine, (I believe that's what its called, the type with the 2 points and a tab on the crankshaft passes very close to them inducing a small current in them, then sends it to the igniter which amplifys it and sends it to the coils) and the points are both putting out small voltage spikes when the engine is spun. I've tested the wires going to the ignition coils and guess how many volts I get? A WHOLE BIG GIGANTIC ZERO. Not even 0.001 of a volt. I've looked at the wiring diagram for hours and everything is in the right place. Now my question, do I need power to the igniter? (Like 12v from the battery) do I need to have any kind of ignition switch? Because I have no gauges or anything. Just some connectors not plugged into anything. The diagram is extremely annoying and hard to follow. How can I test the igniter?
Date: Oct 7, 2017    Labels: Suzuki

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