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Kawasaki - Cam mod clarification

KLX 250S - Kawasaki Forums -
I'm looking into doing the cam mod on my klx250sf and had a couple clarification questions. Forgive me if these have been asked before, but all the threads I could find referenced pictures that were no longer existent. First of all, as far as the position to start from, as long as I set the intake and exhaust dashes on the gear even with the head am I good? Or do I have to find TDC at a certain stroke(don't see why this would matter, but figured it was worth asking). Secondly I want to verify the direction of rotation of the gears relative to the chain. I'm attaching a picture and my understanding is that I rotate each gear in the direction drawn 2 teeth, is this correct? Secondly are there any good sources for rejetting suggestions with this mod? Also I'll be performing this mod on a totally stock klx, what mods should accompany this? (wondering about airbox mainly, but eventually I can do the exhaust when I have money too)
Date: Oct 13, 2017    Labels: Kawasaki

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