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Electrical Breakdown - In need of Diagnosis

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I have a 2003 Bird from new, 135,000kms on the clock, power commander fitted from new and always very reliable. Until recently when I was commuting at 60km/hr and the engine started to splatter briefly until the engine cut out about 10 seconds later. The battery was flat, fitted a new battery thinking I might have cracked a cell, but no the bike would not kick over with the new battery either. Disconnected the power commander and the bike came to live at the first turn of the key? awesome I thought, the problem is fixed. The problem must have been the power commander.

Took the bird for a ride and 4kms down the road the same thing happened, the engine started coughing losing power and cut-out within 30 seconds, the battery had been drained and I seem to have exactly the same problem as before disconnecting the power commander. Has this happened to anyone here before, or can anyone diagnose the problem? Does this mean there may be nothing wrong with the power commander?
Date: Oct 13, 2017   


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