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OpenFlash Tablet Official Dyno Results: 2014 RSV4 R

2012-2013 Tuono V4 R -
A couple of weeks ago, we finished developing calibrations for the 2014 Tuono. Here is our Stage 2 calibration (for use with slip-on or full Akra Evolution exhaust). Like the Race ECU calibration in the 2017 Tuono, the Race ECU calibration in the RSV4 ran quite rich on some cylinders an lean on others. Correct the fueling issues, adjust max throttle limits, revising spark timing tables and bumping rev limit slightly made some nice gains. This tune has been tested by myself and another customer (also on this forum) at Thunderhill a couple weeks ago and we were happy with the improvements. Significantly more drive coming out of corners and smoother transition from engine braking to neutral throttle.


91oct fuel

1) 100% stock 2014 RSV4 R (Blue)

2) With Akrapovic Slip-on and Aprilia Race ECU calibration (Red)

3) With Akrapovic Slip-on and our OFT Stage 2 off-the-shelf tune (Green)
Date: Oct 12, 2017   

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