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Using Raised higher bars from old Gen 2 V2 Tuono is great. Plus lowered the pegs 1".

2012-2013 Tuono V4 R -
I installed a set of higher bars from the old V2 Gen 2 Tuono. I didnt buy the originals as they are over USD$300 and instead bought the identical bar made by the original manufacturer who makes the Aprilia handlebars.

They are the ACCOSSATO HB173 bars on ebay. But I bought from as it was a lot cheaper at about USD$70.

Oh, and many of the sellers said they didnt ship out of the EU so I messaged and most said they would.


Easy. No extensions to brake lines needed and no re-routing needed. In fact the whole install took 1.5 hours. And that included a beer or 3.

They are higher than stock. Closer to you than stock. And the angle for your hands sweeps back towards you a bit more and slightly downward (Even though they are higher).

Much more comfortable than stock for the wrist position and I LOVE them.

After putting the bars on, plus using a set of $40 lowering pegs from ebay, made the bike a comfortable beast for long longs days in the saddle. After installing I immediately rode almost 2,000km in the next 3 days. And my arms, wrists and ass were amazingly comfortable.

No decent pics on my phone so will post some later. And yes yes yes... I know this thread is worthless without pics.

But in these pics from a distance my bike (on the right) is next to a Tuono with normal bars and you can see the difference in height if you look carefully

You can also see the lowered pegs. Click the images for bigger pics.
Date: Oct 12, 2017   


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