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That is two questions answered then....

2006+ Pegaso Trail / Strada / Factory -
Q1) Replacing a Trail dash with a Strada one. Does the fuel warning light work.

A) No.

Q2) How big is the fuel tank.

A) 16.5 litres

I was lucky, just left work and it stuttered, ran, stuttered and then cut.

By sloshing the tank about it would restart for a few hundred yards and I was able to get to the nearby Asda for fuel.

Pissed a lot of car drivers off though

Amazing, I replaced the dash in Germany, rode to Mongolia and back with varying fuel station gaps. And newer ran out.

I get how, disconnect the dash while working on the water pump and forget to put fuel in ..... muppet :-)
Date: Oct 13, 2017   

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