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Aprilia - New problem after the fix to prevent oil to airbox!

2006-2011 Aprilia RXV, SXV, MXV 4.5/5.5 V-Twins -
Im the original owner of a '07 rxv 550, and had the engine swapped a year to the day with a new '08 550 worked done at the dealer just as internal seals were begining to fail. Other than that i absolutely love my bike. Trail and backwoods fire road aggressive riding, it doesnt really see any pavement. I started to notice the oil build up in the drane tube coming from the airbox. At first this would be caused from a tip over on a technical trail ride, and i attributed it to oil reaching the airbox due to gravity forces at work when the bike was laid down. Well, i havent laid it over in a long time yet the tube is now re ieving quite a bit. A good friend of mine at Vintage Works here in Fresno who also has a an rxv and extremely experienced as well as my friend who handled the engine at the dealer is also ery sharp with Aprilias. Bill who i definately trust last week showed me the AF1 oil line kit of which consisted of the two "Y" fittings that is the fix for such transfer of engine oil to the drain tube on the left side of engine. So shen i returned home i installed my own two fittings and took my bike around the block. I kept the rpm's low and notice a slight idle difficulty. Oil light was flashing as well as my rpm reading so i attributed this to a dirty connector.( ive had this problem before) When i got off my bike i notice oil drops on the ground and engine had a significant amount of wet something that looked smelled like engine oil. As well the drain tube looked green like antifreeze. Yet i dont use antifreeze, instead"Wetter Water in my cooling system. My oil changes are premature at worse. So i opened it up. Took fittings out and drained all oil cavities looking for the horrific white froth. Engine, and tank drain fluid was clean oil and nothing else. Yet in the end of one of the fittings was a white blob half the size of a pencil eraser. This i presume was the white lithium grease that was excessively applied under the twin stage filter atop the airbox where the filament sits, that never before showed up through transfer to a tube. What has happened?
Date: Oct 13, 2017    Labels: Aprilia

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