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Aprilia - Alien Moto textile race suit

Aprilia Privateer / Club Racing -
Well ladies and gents, I'm Alien Moto's newest rider! I just placed my order today for a custom fitted non-leather suit and a pair of gloves -- they sell boots as well but I'm currently in a good pair of Sidis that I'm happy with. So I'll report on all aspects of the experience as this develops, including the turn-around time from order placement to delivery here to the US from Sweden. So far, their customer service has been outstanding, and their website is pretty good (

I was in the market for a custom suit this year, and someone's post in my other thread about roo suits led me to Alien Moto. Their whole business concept is built on the idea that leather is actually not the best protection available any more for the rider, it's just the cheapest for the manufacturers and the best for their bottom line. Considering I'm not interested any more in making my rocket ship RR faster, I want to spend my money now on protecting myself as best I can so I can partake in this sport/hobby on the weekends and still go home on Sundays and be a dad. I also did not want to mess about with the airbag suits as these are developing and the repacks and servicing that are required, and frankly, a custom fitted airbag suit would be MotoGP expensive at this point considering the off-the-rack suits with the airbag systems are running $2500.

I will not promote a product that I can't stand behind -- if these suits suck, or if I crash and the suit doesn't do it's job, I will absolutely tell it like it is. I don't make any money in this sport -- it's the extreme extreme opposite actually! I'm just in this to try a new product that claims to have a lot to offer in better protection, including all CE Level 2 removable armor that I believe is relatively uncommon (my Arlen Ness suit is all Level 1, that seems to be the standard to deviate from.) And if it really is that good, I will sing their praises.

So more to follow!
Date: Oct 12, 2017    Labels: Aprilia


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