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New Pegaso Owner with some niggles

Pegaso 650 Cube and IE -
Hi all.

New Pegaso owner here. I've bought a 1996 model (registered 01/97) with a Rotax engine (not sure where that fits in the lineup). Anyway I've been riding it for a few days but I've already found some niggles and I was hoping someone could help me.

My front brake binds when it gets hots. I can't seem to find any rebuild kits or seals for the front. Is the front calliper the same as the F650 Funduro one, or is there another bike with the same calliper? My calliper has Aprilia stamped on it rather than Brembo.

My front forks weep but I've found a great guide on here to help me rebuild them.

Also, my coolant temperature gauge doesn't work. I've had a look at the sensor and it's not connected, but I can't see a wire dangling around anywhere. When I've got the fairings off I'll have a better look but I might need a help with the wire colours to see which one to connect up.

Anyway, I hope someone can share some advice. Cheers
Date: Jun 19, 2017   

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