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Reinstalling windscreen - thank you!

RST1000 Futura (all years) -
I had to remove the windscreen for clearance to load the Futura into a van. While putting it back on, I had taped the nut to the wrench for those front two, but one of the washers fell out and went down in the depths of the bike, requiring complete removal of the front fairing to find. Not all was lost, as I found two more dropped fasteners in the process. "Gluing" the washers together with grease was the tip I needed to get it back together.

Rather than resurrect long dead threads, I'll post a new one to say thank you to everyone who offered advice in these two threads for reaching those two front fasteners while reinstalling the windscreen. You probably saved me several hours and a little bit of sanity (and I only have the little bit).

Date: Jun 19, 2017   

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