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Counsel for a hack newb

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I've rehabbed, built bikes and rebuilt totaled bikes. All that being said, I've never delved into a sidecar. The reason now is...

The guy who I started riding with has aged out. We did a lot off off road on his 1200gs and then 800gsa. Got to where he couldn't pick up his bike and didn't want to risk hurting himself in his golden years as he is 72.

Well he wants one last trip to Alaska and the artic circle. We think a 1200gs water cooled sidecar would be the ticket. He doesn't want to just do gravel but also have the ability for some modest rocky trails and water crossings. Some questions...

1) do you think this is a good idea?

2) is there a one stop vendor I/we can buy the parts for

3) is there a thread somewhere of someone who has done a sidecar on a late model 1200gs?

4) if I don't fabricate myself, is there a reputable one stop shop who can handle?

5) any other counsel on bike choice? He is really in love with the pep, comfort and accoutrements of the GSA not the least of which is cruise control.

Any counsel you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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Date: Oct 13, 2017   


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