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Android Tablet: Waterproof, glove-friendly, visible in daylight?

Layin' down tracks - ADVrider -
My Zumo 550 is growing old. I don't think I want to drop $500+ on another Garmin. I'm very happy with the various Android GPS apps.

But I have yet to find a tablet that works well on the bike. The main challenges:

- Glove-friendly. With my summer gloves I can sort of use the capacitative touch screens, but no way my winter gloves work. I've tried the paint-on and stick-on stuff, it hardly works. I'm not sewing metal threads through GoreTex. The 550 uses a pressure-touch screen and that works great.

- Waterproof. No way am I going to deal with stopping and putting things away when it looks like it might rain. Zumo is waterproof. Never had a problem with it.

- Visible in daylight, with sunglasses on. This is more than I can say for most tablets, even some GPS units I've used. My 550 does even better than the wife's 660. The only time it lets me down is when the sun's angle creates glare and I need to shade my eyes.

- Ok I'll 'rugged' to the list. It has to last more than a season.

So what's out there?

I know many of you use your phones and tablets for navigation. How do you surmount these challenges?
Date: Jun 19, 2017   

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