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zumo 550 on bike power cord?

Layin' down tracks - ADVrider -
i have a garmin mount for my new to me zumo 550 and have been trying to get it working.

today inmounted it on my bike to get power to it and it appears the cord that came with it does not plug into the holder?

i have a unit i plug into it when at the coffee shop and i am guessing it has a USB (?) to mini SD (or something).

should i be using this plug for the bkek and plugging into USB? this seems inconvenient.

anyone know what this other cord is for? it has a cigarette plug on the other side.

anyone know if i need to buy another cord?

do they plug into the back of the holder behind the unit when it is mounted?

any help would be appreciated!

Date: Jun 19, 2017   


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