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Honda - 1969 Honda CB 350 - No Spark Trouble

Old's Cool - ADVrider -
Hey there

I have a 1969 Honda CB 350 that was running perfectly but decided to stop firing up.

Looking for a few more ideas as I have exhausted my troubleshooting checklist and want to make sure I take the next methodical and logical step to troubleshoot further.

The first thing I noticed is it has no spark on the right hand side of the bike so here is what I have done to start troubleshooting:

1. New battery - I went ahead and bought a new one since I know these old CB's hate weak // old batteries. No dice.

2. Pulled plugs - replaced with new plugs no dice. Checked spark.

Right side = no spark.

Left side = strong spark.

3. Check Points - Removed cover ( I know these can ground out often and cause issues, no dice there either.) I can however see spark on the corresponding left side points = strong spark, but No spark on my points for the right side.

With this diagnosis so far, my thinking is that the points need to be replaced orrr the timing somehow got so out of whack that it needs to be re-timed.

Is this a correct and fair assumption? My gut tells me it's the points as this was a running motorcycle, that sat indoors in a climate controlled store for just 4 months with no gas.

Am I going down the right path or overlooking something?
Date: Jun 19, 2017    Labels: Honda


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