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Need a 2nd opinion on XR600 gearbox wear

Thumpers - ADVrider -

well I have my rebuild thread on the “need some assembly” -forum, but I thought I’d post this here since I know that many on this forum knows the XR in and out and perhaps doesn't visit all of the other forums so frequently.

I’ve disassembled the gearbox on my XR600R and will be replacing my old countershaft with the newer 13-splines shaft.

I’ll be replacing the 5th gear on the countershaft with the NX650 5th aswell. But when doing this, should I replace its mate on the mainshaft? The mainshaft 5 cogs shows normal wear but I’ve read somewhere that you shouldn’t match old and new gears since the new one will wear down rapidly. Is that correct??

Apart from that I’d be glad to hear your thoughts on the wear of the other gears, would you replace any?

Mainshaft 2nd:

Mainshaft 5th:

Mainshaft 3rd:

Mainshaft 3rd, other side:

Mainshaft 4th:

Countershaft 2nd:

Countershaft 5th along with NX 5th:

Countershaft 1st:

Countershaft 3rd:

I lost track of the gears on the 2 last pics since I don't have the tranny where I sit, but I Think its the right gear on the right pic(?)

So, what do you Think of this? There's wear on all of the gears but would you consider it normal?
Date: Jun 19, 2017   

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