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Used CVO - Fullsac Removed Cans

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I picked these up on CL a couple of weeks ago.

CVO Cans, near perfect chrome tips, nice shields, no rust, or corrosion. They were set up with Fullsac Baffles per the previous owner. The mats are still in the cans but the baffles and screens are not. (same as I bought them).

The Bad.... the right can looks as if the front of the baffle dropped inside of the can,and most likely created a c-shaped hole or crack from vibrating??? It was welded before I received them. The welding is on the bottom, when mounted so the weld is not visible when it would be mounted to the bike.

When I bought them he said they were in used condition, with no other details.

I also purchased a set from another member here about the same time, in hopes of setting up with 1.75" Fullsac's at some later date.

Hoping someone can use these, the left can is in very nice condition, and the right

has the defect on the bottom side.

$100 plus shipping
Date: Aug 13, 2017   

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