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Progressive 412's and Screaming Eagle Heavy....why all the HYPE?

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Flame on guys if needed. Here is my experience with the progressive 412 HD 12" shocks and the screaming eagle heavy fork oil in my 2010 Road Glide Custom. Got the bike a few months back and until then was riding my 2005 RK custom that road nice with stock 12" rear air shocks that I put 10w belray oil in. The front was untouched from me and road smooth but had front end dive. Before that had an 06 SG all stock never touched shocks nothing. Had front end dive and rear rode fine but came from a lowered NT so to me it rode like a caddy at the time. Anyway fast forward to my RG. Got it and the guy before me had a rear lowering kit installed on it looked cool but with the stock air shocks it rode like a lumber wagon. Also front end nose dive bad and rode like ****. So at the suggestion of countless forums I swapped out the front stock dirty cat **** oil to clean screaming eagle heavy. It still has A lot of front end dive at stops and still rides like a clunky lumber wagon school bus. I then read countless reviews on how amazing the Progressive 412 shocks are so at 6'4" and 255 and ride 2 up often , I got a set of the HD 12" shocks and ditched the lame lowering brackets. Test rode at the lightest setting. Bottomed out hard on little bumps ok #2 setting next rode better but bottoms out still on some bumps that aren't even that big. Ok #3 setting no bottoming really but my god it rides bad. Feels like stock air shocks back there. No need to try #4 or #5 setting as it will only ride harder. I get these are not the top of the line shocks out there but also don't see how we should spend hundreds on shocks on a TOURING bike to get it to ride smooth. And not sure why all the hype and praise these 412's get. Are they kinda better then stock? Sure. Are they $300 better hell no. I have a west Coast Chopper CFL hard tail as well. And these roads in MN are garbage but even that is ok yet my RG seems to ride like crap for a Touring bike. I think I just wasted $270 on shocks when an oil change in the air shocks would have been better. Am I missing something? Like said I read countless reviews on the 412's many times read how night and day they are. Sorry guys thats a lie.
Date: Aug 13, 2017   

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